The poetry workshop takes place weekly, and allows for a bunch of us to share some ideas around a cup of coffee. It is not so much a poetry course, but an exchange of ideas based on various poems, and the words that give them meaning.

Depending on the day, we may share poems, texts, sentences, verses, a word, or an idea. Discussing, analysing listening, laughing, all of these are possible through poetry, which often serves as a tool to express ones feelings.

It is through these very words that we are able to share the troubles that litter our lives, and through which we may find a hint of an answer to the many questions that we must face on a daily basis.

In the context of these workshops, we are all poets, whether we are homeless, suffering from substance abuse, or working at the centre.

In many cases, poetry may help to bridge the gap between despair, and hope.
In this, poetry may become our greatest gift.

Workshops will be on Thursday at 11h00am at Café Dépôt corner of Maisonneuve & McKay. See Matt Kerr for more information.